1-5V to 5V DC to DC Step Up Power Supply Board

This amazing small DC to DC Step Up power supply board allows to power 5V USB devices from just 1V to 5V power source inputs. Single AA battery will provide 5V with 200-300mA current, while two AA batteries will provide 5V with as much as 500-600mA of current! Use all the power out of old batteries that would otherwise go to waste. Use solar panels, 3.7V LIPO batteries or AA batteries to build power packs to charge all your USB electronic devices through onboard USB connector. Board comes fully assembled.

     Voltage Input: 1-5V DC
     Voltage Output: 5V through USB connector
     Current: 200-300mA from one AA battery / 500-600mA from two AA batteries
     Efficiency: 96%
     Dimensions: 34 x 15 x 7mm
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